Which is the best investment option Pre Launch projects or Ready to move-in

Real-estate investments are certainly tenacious decisions to make with so much of hard-earned money at stake. Investors undeniably traverse through confusion and dilemma to decide whether to invest in pre-launch projects or in ready to occupy flats. Here is some insight on both of these options.

Prelaunch Projects: Buying a prelaunch property could be very rewarding economically, since they are usually offered at 20 to 30 percent lesser price than the prevailing market rates. However, investing in pre-launch projects could involve number of risks in-terms of timely possession, legalization and loan approval clearances. Financial Experts are of opinion that these ventures are best suited for investors with high-risk appetite. At the end, it all comes down to the reputation and trustworthiness of the builder. If the project is led by a reputed and notable builder, buyers can be assured of safe investments and eventual acquisition of their property.

Ready-to-mover-in Apartments: These ready for possession flats come with no-risk factor, where you pay for what you see with no hidden surprises to face. These homes will have legal clearances and would come with home loan approvals from banks and financial institutions. If the buyer needs the property for immediate use, and has the required finances, it makes sense to invest in a possession-ready home.

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